Explore true north

We want to take photographers and adventures people, to the most amazing places in the arctic regions. Where you will truly find silence and raw beauty. For now, Iceland is our home base. However, we will also guide you on trips on Svalbard and Greenland on request. We do all kinds of trips in the Arctic environments, alone or together with our collaborators.

To get in contact, please send us an email or give us a call at +47 474 16 429

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Robin Berglid

Is 27 years old, from the small town Stryn in Norway. He grew up in a beautiful playground of mountains, fjords and glaciers.

He is now a graduated Arctic Nature Guide. He has gone through a one-year course with Safe Guiding in the Arctic, value-based guiding and teaching Arctic nature, Arctic safety and field leadership, and the history of Svalbard.

Toyota Hilux Arctic Truck 44

The car is designed as a support vehicle for long distance expeditions, in cold climate. The large tires with low air pressure provide large footprint giving good flotation in soft snow and soft ride over the sastrugies. This made the Hilux the perfect choice for us to travel the highlands and glaciers of Iceland. We also guide on foot, by kayak or skies. The Hilux gives us the possibility to bring a lot of equipment into the field where we start our trips.

James Bryant X Nikon together with Arctic Extreme

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